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Sight Screen

Thursday, May 26, 2005

And out!

Another instant -- and the wicket. Lovely ball that, Kaneria angling it across Lara, on very full length, hitting a line just outside off; Lara into an expansive off drive, beaten by the angle and the fuller length, playing around it for the ball to spin back in and hit off.
Classic leg spinner's dismissal of a left-hander, and good to see Kaneria flighting it so much despite the mauling he's been subjected to by Lara.
On the minus side, just moments after spending all that money, Lara goes back -- damn. Interesting, meanwhile, this move to shove Wavell Hinds down the order to stabilise the middle. He's got a platform now, thanks to Lara -- be good to see what the Windies manage from here on.


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