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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Andy in S-major

Andrew Strauss -- he of the mystery diaries -- has just been named Vodafone Player of the Year. Fair call -- it's hard to think of any other English player, barring probably Kevin Pietersen, who has captured the public imagination to quite such an extent as the 28-year-old opener.
While on Pietersen, Lawrence Booth in The Spin, on Guardian, argues a neat case for his being blooded against the Aussies.
I'd have thought you don't need an advocate -- getting Pietersen out there to face McGrath and company would be a no-brainer, no?
The single key to taking Ponting's lot on, for England, has to be fearlessness; I'd think given that, England would be better served by opting for a Pietersen, who has the potential to be a Sehwag/Afridi type mayhem-artist, than to bank on 'steady' players.
Then again, English cricket for some reason always tends to shy away from mavericks -- wonder why.


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