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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Arguing ODIs

Rahul Bhatia weighs in on the side of the angels, in the debate on whether the new ODI rules are good for the game -- extending the debate after Simon Hughes, a day earlier, had slammed those rules as being counter-productive (see earlier post Hughes and Cry).
Can't wait for the first game to be played under the substitution rule -- be very interesting to see teams walk this theory, and see what it does, pro and con, for our enjoyment of the game.
While on soccer-style innovations, there is one that keeps cropping up in debate every now and again -- umpires armed with red and yellow cards to keep onfield behavior under control.
Do you think that is a good thing? Or will it backfire, with the idiosyncracies of individual umpires (think Steve Bucknor of recent vintage, for instance) causing more harm than good?


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