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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Aussie Aussie Oy Oy

The buzz is all about who will coach India, but my personal interest is piqued by another -- potentially more far-reaching -- development: To wit, the ICC's decision to introduce a soccer-style substitution rule into the one-day format.

Indians -- notably former Test stars Dilip Vengsarkar and Sandeep Patil, who briefly figured in the short list for coach before pulling out amidst much smoke about match-fixing allegations -- were quick to welcome it and praise Sunil Gavaskar, who headed the committee that made the recommendations.

Dean Jones -- another candidate, however briefly, for India's coaching slot -- figures the changes will help break the 400-run barrier for teams, and the 200-barrier for individuals.

Thus far, though, there's been no qualitative analysis of what the rule changes mean, how it will work in practise, and how the better teams will use it to their advantage.

Can't wait for the first game under the new rules. Tell you what, though -- the chasm between Australia and the rest of the world just got wider, and deeper.

I mean, on any given day, it is darned hard to pick one of the 11 Aussies on the park as an under-performer. Imagine then what the team can do with a 12th option at their disposal!


  • As I look back at this entry, I remember I took the initial news back then as a joke. Never thought it would become a reality.

    By Anonymous Pratyush, at 16:33  

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