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Monday, May 23, 2005

Back chat

Duh! What do you know, I actually got a message for a post! *L*
Thing being, feedback was plentiful when I was writing on Rediff (not that I have given it up, mind) but it's still a bit of a kick, getting a comment to a post on this thing. :-)
Would have been a greater kick if the poster wasn't one Mr Anonymous (hey, come on, put names to your posts, huh? Made a lot of friends through cricket coverage on Rediff and I wouldn't complain if I got to make a few more through this) and (2) Mr A says the blog could do with more work.
Granted. This is still very much a work in progress, and I'd love suggestions/ideas. Wish, though, Mr A had indicated what kind of work he thought this needed, given me a direction to aim at.
Also, he asks how come I am content to post the comments of other writers, without making any myself. Or, as he says with a touch of humor,
'Come on, since when did you become shy of sticking your neck, and your opinions, out? :-)'
That bit is easy -- that's part of the work in progress bit. I intend this to be a mix of links to interesting stories/commentary that I find on the net, plus my own two-bits... and the latter will materialize, soon enough.
Cheerio, for now...


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