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Friday, May 27, 2005

Back to Saurav...

and my take would be, what spoils his image is the Praetorian Guard of so-called well-wishers who surround him.
It's a motley mix -- some mediapersons, some administrators, some hangers on; the sort of crowd a celebrity accumulates the way dogs accumulate ticks.
For the members of the guard, Saurav is their passport to 15 minutes of fame; proximity to power is almost as seductive as being powerful yourself.
The only way you hang on to secondhand power is to create paranoia in the powerful; to give them the impression the world is out to get them and it is only the selfless efforts of the Praetorians that stands between them, and doom.
(Sounds melodramatic? Think of the various coteries we have seen in action -- the ones surrounding politicians from Indira and Rajiv on down to the Jayalalithas of this world; the one that surrounded Azhar in his prime; the one that damn near sounded the knell for Sachin...)
And so they, this motley crowd, screen Saurav from the outside world; they filter the inputs he gets through their own self-serving prism; they pour poison in his ears... (Watch out for Anil/Dravid, he is trying to take your job... Sachin was badmouthing your form the other day to X newspaper... that other newspaper, the one that wrote a column about you, you know that journalist is in X player's pay?...)
Should Saurav not be able to see through this? Yes, of course -- but the trouble is, Saurav is a trusting soul, and over time he has come to believe that these guys are genuinely his well-wishers, the only ones who he can trust, and who will stand by him.
With friends like these, why would Saurav need enemies?


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