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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bajji for Surrey?

The English county, per this report, is hoping bio-mechanical expert Mark Potus will give his verdict on Bajji soon -- hopefully within the next ten days, at which point it appears to be considering making the offie an offer.
The really hilarious part of the story, though, is the Board's reaction. Apparently the Board believes Bajji won't go to Surrey, or anyplace else. Why?
The quote, from BCCI joint secretary Gautam Dasgupta, is a classic: "It has nothing to do with the ICC decision. I don't think he is ready for he is not even bowling right now."
Doh! What does that mean, precisely? You mean once the Pak series was over, Bajji wasn't bowling much, and thus may not be ready for the rigors of county cricket? Cool -- would love to see Dasgupta apply the same logic to skipper Saurav Ganguly, who even without the board's say so is now in Cardiff, awaiting his June 1 debut for Glamorgan.


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