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Monday, May 30, 2005


..continues, with Richie Benaud adding to the growing demand for the side to be expelled from the top tier of Test nations.
Scyld Berry, on the same theme, in The Telegraph -- and a comment by him is worth noting: The Asian Test powers, led by India, threatened a breakaway from the other Test-playing countries if Bangladesh were not promoted. Thus India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh formed a more powerful voting bloc than any the other six countries could muster."
Martin Johnson belabors the theme, with characteristic lashings of humor.
Shane Warne's also said pretty much the same thing; he makes a couple of good points when he argues that revising Bangla's Test status will free up the Test schedule, and ensure that teams didn't have to play meaningless matches.
It's a point well taken at a time when the players association is on the verge of lobbying the ICC for a more humane schedule, that builds in rest and recuperation time for the players.
Elsewhere, Warne's team-mate Jason Gillespie fires an indirect shot at the England team, suggesting they might not want to get too euphoric over the results against Bangla, which he says are good only for beefing up individual stats.
Makes you wonder how much longer this will go on, before the ICC decides to do something about it? As to the 'something' -- no clue yet what they will finally decide, but this could just be the perfect opportunity for the governing body to really revive interest in Test cricket by going two-tier, as suggested in an earlier post on this blog.
In passing, consider this -- there is no doubt that the decision to give Bangla Test status was ill-timed; equally, no doubt that Dalmiya was the one who pushed it through. Anyone asking why --because one thing is for sure, cricketing considerations had absolutely nothing to do with Dalmiya's decision, while he was ICC president, to use his considerable clout to push the decision through.


  • Here's a funny aspect. What if we agree that Bangladesh was given test status early, but they had the best technical and economic resources to improve in these 4-5 years. And still they are nowhere. Makes me wonder, just how 'early 'was that early :-)

    By Blogger worma, at 17:02  

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