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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Could be early days, but the one noticeable difference I find between the Pak side that played in India and the one now playing day one of the first Test against the West Indies is the fielding -- in just under half an hour of watching, I've counted at least six fumbles, resulting in at least 15, probably 20, runs. And, as I notice on the replays, they even managed to drop Lara off Afridi.
Not gotten their Carribbean legs yet, you think?
While on that, Majid Khan's son Bazid -- again, maybe too early to comment -- is not a patch on his dad in the slips; poor anticipation, too much of a tendency to grab at the ball.
Tea -- and Wavell Hinds lucky to survive, I thought in that last over before the break, he was a dead duck for Rana Naved's LBW shout -- ball hit leg and middle, held the line, hit the pad well below the roll, what more did it have to do, jump through hoops?
246/4 at tea -- and judging by the way the ball is not really getting up, this pitch could be a bitch to bat on over days three, four and five. Which in turn means the Windies need to capitalize on the Lara blast, and put up a good 450 on the board at least, to put itself into position to force a win.


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