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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Champions' Trophy

So the Champions' Trophy is coming to India, thanks to the government's decision to grant tax exempt status per the ICC fiat, and the Board's request.
Puts a crimp in Pakistan's money-making ambitions, for starters -- the Pak board had volunteered to host the event, when it seemed unclear whether the GoI would permit tax-exempt status.
For the BCCI, it is a huge money-minting opportunity -- now stand by for (a) botched up scheduling; (b) wierd travel schedules that send the participating teams on a chaotic journey across the length, breadth and height of the country; (c) more confusion regarding television rights, with attendant court cases, and threats by the ICC to pull the event if things are not resolved -- and some fairly decent cricket at the end of it all.


  • Anna,

    Crisp as usual...he he he...

    Man, actually I wonder how our country functions amidst all the chaos. It is really a miracle.

    Prem, these Americans think NYC is crowded (maybe, it is). But, man, to see sheer order in chaos, no other country like India.

    I just don't know how life goes on there amidst all the din and hubbub.

    Amazing. As you rightly put it, even half-decent cricket will ensure the popularity of the Champions Trophy.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:30  

  • Yes, its really amazing how even the so called 'media pressure' (which supposedly got BCCI to decide on the coach issue so fast) doesnt seem to be focussing on the television rights issue ! Now we are in the middle of a long break, so what is BCCI doing to ensure that it doesnt have to run to DD at the last moment once again !

    Arre forget the loss which BCCI makes by going to DD, we as viewers are tired of their coverage ! We have more to gain than BCCI here :-)

    By Blogger worma, at 11:07  

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