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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The coaching conundrum

Neat piece by Peter English on Aussie coaching -- the thing that really jumps out at you is the longevity of Aussie coaches. In 19 years since Bobby Simpson (who, with Allan Border as captain, to my mind created the modern coach-captain symbiosis), Australia have had just three coaches -- including the incumbent.
That kind of continuity is awesome -- and should to a great extent explain how Australia's growth curve has been so steady. Also a corollary of a professional administration, which is content to appoint a coach, and take its hands off, and let him achieve results.
This, as opposed to the BCCI version of management -- when you have part-timers, time-servers, and honorary (which does not always equate with honorable, please note) officials, then it is all about power, and muscle-flexing.
Which is why we went through this farce of renewing the coach's tenure year by year; which is why we failed to pay the likes of Wright and Leipus their due wages for months at a time... It's what happens, when you give little people big shoes.


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