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Monday, May 23, 2005

Collapso cricket

Eight defeats on the run in home ODIs is pretty much as low as the West Indies could possibly sink. And what should be depressing for fans of the once great side is that no one appears to have a clue how to arrest the slide; even Desmond Haynes, who believed he could coach India to new heights, is not, you notice, expressing any similar ambition with regard to the side he was once a part of.
For now, all 'thinking' seems to center around the 'Sack Lara' and 'bring back Lara' schools of thought-- Lara back for the Test series against Pakistan being the latest headline.
There, but for the grace of God, Ganguly and Wright, goes Indian cricket -- do you remember a time when India was on similar slippery slope, with the team underperforming consistently and all the debate centering around whether, or no, Sachin Tendulkar would ever win matches for his team?


  • I can't believe how badly the West Indies have slipped- and I am wondering if they need a good coach to tip the scales, though it really needs a complete overhaul of the system to turn the tide completely from the abysmal depths the Windies find themselves in. However, the story is not all gloomy if you give them a coach like Woolmer. On paper, there is not much distinguishing the two sides, but there is a self belief in the likes of Younis Khan that build on blazing starts of Afridi that is lacking in a Chanderpaul following on Gayle's similarly electrifying starts.

    I agree depending upon the brilliance of Lara is not a solution just as depending upon Tendulkar as the sole messiah could never be our answer to being a truly great side.

    By Blogger Mohit, at 01:58  

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