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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dalmiya, the sequel

Reacting to the earlier post about Saurav, in which I tangentially mentioned my gut feel that Dalmiya was on his way out, Sriraj asks if I can justify that; what, he wants to know, do I base it on.
Couple of points: (1) I am not giving any iron-clad guarantee here, do note. My feel, based on what I hear and know, is that the ruling faction will find itself in big trouble come September. (2) I wouldn't, at this point, want to write about the hows and whys... sometimes, you are told/learn things in confidence; such confidences are extended because the other party knows you won't misuse it; to then go blabbing is a surefire way of losing credibility.
That said, there are clues, if you care to look for them -- the most obvious being the results of the Rajasthan Cricket Association elections earlier this year. The Rungtas, who are as entrenched in the RCA as Dalmiya is in the CAB (this, incidentally, is a story we had done on them way back in 2000; this a link to a tangential conversation Harsha and I once had on the subject), were finally broken this year, and that was perhaps the first indication that the opposing factor is finally getting its act together.
In the coming months, keep an eye on the doings of IS Bindra and Lalit Modi; keep an eye, too, on the machinations of the likes of Sharad Pawar; it's there you will see the best clues to how the coming BCCI election will go.
Might as well build an exit clause here -- Dalmiya is as aware of the danger as anyone else; the man knows where every cricketing body is buried, so this coming fight is going to be incredibly bitter. And who knows, Jaggu just might pull off a miracle -- but my best guess is, if he wins, it will be nothing short of miraculous.


  • Prem, I've been thinking for some time, that we do criticise Dalmiya so much. And so much of that criticism is correct. But still, given the situation that BCCI administration is in, isn't he probably the best possible to hold the reign ?

    Atleast he, for whatever selfish reasons, left the cricketing aspecs to Wright and Ganguly, which resulted in this team building.

    And given this environment in Indian cricket we should be thanking someone for this small mercy !

    By Blogger worma, at 10:29  

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