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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Debating Sachin...

Anything Sachin is guaranteed to provoke debate -- in which connection I notice a few interesting comments appended to a post earlier in the day titled 'Tendulkar the Team Man'.
Seems to me, in all this fuss, we are forgetting to enjoy the man's game -- as it was, as it is, and as it will be.
What the hell, he's given us moments of rare bliss -- which the 'why is Sachin still in the side' emailers (you won't believe the number of such I got in course of the Indo-Pak tour) forget.


  • Prem, exactly my sentiments about Sachin when watching him play against Pak, and reading all his criticism in the mostly pathetic Indian sports media. Here is what I said (http://worma.blogspot.com/2005/03/match-two-day-one-160305-and-sachin.html) not necessary to visit this though :-)

    Basically the point is, he is still bloodly hell of a batsman/cricketer, and is still good to watch. He's done a lot, still gives us good moments, sometime excellent ones too. He's constantly been around the top for 16 years, and now if he's a bit lower down, you want to kick the man !

    I am damn sure that anyone who talks of 'out with him' now does not really understand cricket !

    By Blogger worma, at 12:16  

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