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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dine and length

Disclaimer: I robbed that headline from the Times.
What's with Indian criketers and restaurants anyways? First Sachin, then Saurav, now it's Zaheer who's getting ready to open his own restaurant.
Donno how this one will turn out, but I've eaten at Sachin's -- did a review of it, first, for India Abroad; then John Wright, Andrew Leipus, Faisal Shariff and I spent an endless night of beer and conversation there. Great place -- pity the food is ordinary, and noways in line with the price tag.
The evening was, come to think of it, the heck of a lot of good fun -- we met around seven, and John, who had come in ahead of us, was already a couple of beers into the game. We then sat around the bar drinking, till at some point I figured we needed to get some food in as well (Andrew, by then, was giving me speaking looks -- he and Faisal weren't drinking, and there is just so much time you can spend nursing a cola).
So we moved to the dining area, and John kept bending his elbow. Dinner done, a couple more beers done, I figured the only way the evening was going to stop was to call for the bill. Guy comes up with the bill, and John goes, 'Hey, before you close the account, add a couple of beers to it, for the road?'
So those two beers had to be downed -- and then John goes, 'Lemme just get another one, positively the last, promise'.
So he got two more. And walked out, at the end of it, rock steady -- while I drove home with fingers and toes crossed. I mean, I could vaguely make out there was a road ahead of me -- if some cop happened to stop me for some transgression, my breath would have sent him up in flames right there.


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