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Friday, May 27, 2005

Eat, drink, be merry

Now here's laughing matter -- you know how there is this body of opinion that says Indians don't do as well as Pakistanis when it comes to producing quality fast bowlers because we don't eat beef in particular, and not much red meat in general?
So now we've got a coach who -- if he translates his personal inclination into the professional sphere -- will want the team to go totally vegan. Greg Chappell, apparently, will now appear in a series of PETA ads, arguing against a non-veg diet.
Wonder if he will go up to Sehwag, say, and preach against milk? What fun!
In passing, had you guys heard that joke, about the famed Hollywood star who once endorsed Chesterfield cigarettes? A friend went up to him and went, what the hell, why are you endorsing Chesterfields when you don't smoke?
Says the star, 'Hey, did you see what the ad says? In it I say, Chesterfields never hurt my throat'. Too true they don't -- because I never smoke them!'
Not suggesting Chappell is being hypocritical -- it's just that whenever I come across some celeb endorsing something, this joke comes to mind.


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