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Thursday, May 26, 2005

How light is light?

John Gloster the Indian physio, speaking at some length to Rediff's Harish Kotian, suggests that much of Sachin's problems will be solved if he begins to use a lighter bat -- which is in line with what biomechanics expert Bruce Elliott had said earlier.
This is not the first time the weight of Sachin's bat has come up for debate -- earlier, when his back packed up and it was feared, for a brief while, that the injury was career-threatening, cricketers, biomechanics experts and physios had similarly suggested he use a less demanding weapon.
I once asked Sachin about it -- about why, flying in the face of all the advice, he insisted on using a heavy bat. His response was interesting: He did not, he argued, use one weight all the time -- for instance, on pitches where the ball wasn't really coming on, he tended to use a lighter bat because he had to force the ball more; where the ball was coming on more, he tended to favor the heavy bat because with it, a quick punch -- as against a more elaborate backlift and follow through -- would get him the results he wanted.
The bottomline, he said, was he was using the sort of bat that suited his cricket -- what if he changed that, his game changed as a result? 'Phir tum log likoge ki I have changed my style and I am not Sachin any more...'
I'd reckon, advice or no advice, Sachin will stick with the sort of bats he is comfortable with -- very difficult to see him, at this point in his career, go in for such a radical change.


  • Prem,

    Very difficult, for us fans and you media types, Prem, to stop commenting on him, at this stage.

    Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.

    I sure am glad I am not in his shoes!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:47  

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