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Monday, May 23, 2005

The invisible men

Have you ever been for one of those parties where you knew nobody and no one knew you? And you stood around, as superfluous as a packet of condoms at a eunuch's convention, twiddling your thumbs, shuffling your feet, and trying not to avoid everyone's eye?
That pretty much sums up the plight of Bangladesh -- a team of starry-eyed newbies, fresh arrived at the gates of the 'Mecca' of cricket, and they find that no one even remotely notices, or cares.
The British press continues to fill its pages with stories of the Ashes -- with the Guardian carrying this story about a mysterious diary Andrew Strauss keeps writing into, and which apparently holds the key to his batting success and will, by extrapolation, make the difference between the upcoming Ashes campaign, and previous disasters.
Won't be long now before McGrath tells us he is going to target Strauss, and Warne waxes prolific about a new mystery ball he has invented specifically to take out the England opener.
Meanwhile, the only story of any substance relating to Bangladesh -- outside of the fact that off spinner Gareth Batty will cover for Ashley Giles for the opening Test and, mercifully, a good piece by Derek Pringle on Mushfiqur Rahim, poised to become the youngest player ever to debut in a Lord's Test -- is that Mike Gatting will perform the vital function of finding proper curry for the tourists.


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