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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

John Write?

Was reading Derek Pringle's review of Keith Fletcher's upcoming autobiography -- and found myself wishing, desperately, that John Wright could be persuaded to write his memoirs.
Wright's governing trait is an essential, deep-down honesty -- so if he does write such a book, he will not pull any punches.
Imagine, then, how invaluable such a book would be -- an insider's account of how the Indian team was rebuilt following the match-fixing furore; pull-no-punches takes on dressing room politics, selectors' games and the BCCI's shenanigans...
No real history of contemporary Indian cricket would be complete without such a book -- question is, will Wright write?


  • I sincerely hope he does Prem. For an unbiased view of this period of the game, who is better than Wright to pen frankly and fearlessly? I do hope he does write!!!

    Vincent Sunder

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03:38  

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