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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Joy Bangla...

Some nice profiles, finally, of the visiting Bangladeshis -- like this one on pacer Shahadat Hossain, in the Guardian; and one on rising star Mushfiqur Rahim, in the Daily Star, out of Dhaka.
Vic Marks, in the Guardian, believes Bangla will merely be an extended warm up for England as it prepares for the Ashes, and it is hard to fault that assessment.
Be nothing short of miraculous if Bangladesh was to improve on its Test record of one win and 31 defeats in 36 Tests played -- but for the sake of the fledgling nation, I hope it manages to push England into a fight, in the series beginning this week.
Taking the Tests into five days would be good; earning at least one draw would be nothing short of brilliant for a team that badly needs a solid showing to stem the rot.
For now, it doesn't matter why, and how, Jaggu Dalmiya pushed Bangladesh onto the Test stage -- the fact is, the deed is done, and cannot be undone. Since the international cricket community has to live with the idea of Bangladesh as a Test nation, you now hope for its own sake the side will become competitive, and not remain for too long the favorite whipping boy of teams, and players, looking for cheap runs and victories to augment their averages, and move up the Test ladder.


  • Prem,

    Why can't we strip a nation of its test status? Keep in mind, though, that, any existing stats and records of that remain do not become null and void if/when a nation is stripped of its status.

    B'desh is not yet ready to hit it big time. Thanks to that jackass Jaggu-bhai, the standards of international cricket are getting diluted and somehow, some of our cricketers having averaged greater than 50, does not seem to be as big a deal as it was with previous generations of cricketers. I would submit to you guys that in today's day and age, an average of say in the late 50's should be the new benchmark for determining consistency.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:26  

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