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Friday, May 20, 2005

Kaun bana crorepati?

Strangely, for such a conspiracy-oriented fan-following, the story of the arrest of one Shobhan Mehta (who has since been denied bail) has not triggered the sort of uproar -- 'I told you the Indo-Pak series was fixed -- I would have expected.
Mehta himself, according to published reports, has been playing quiz-master: Quick, name the 'veteran actor who went on to produce and direct films and later launched his son' who could be involved in placing huge bets on the Indo-Pak series?
You don't know? Okay, clue number two: He is known for his flamboyant lifestyle.
Still no clue? Phone a friend, anyone?


  • I am so poor with Hindi films and those who are in it Prem. Can I have your phone number please? :-)

    Vincent Sunder

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03:41  

  • let me guess.. feroz khan:) ..how close am i :)

    By Blogger sachin, at 10:43  

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