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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Laxman for Glamorgan

So who thinks VVS Laxman is going to benefit from a county season?
Constant cricket -- that too for a team under pressure -- could be just the antidote he needs; his fitness, always a sore point, cannot but improve, and if he gets his touch back, it will stand him in good stead for when the Indian season begins again.
Then again, I forgot -- Team India's first international assignment is a one day series against Sri Lanka and these days, Laxman doesn't seem to merit the selectors' time when they get down to picking ODI teams, does he?


  • Laxman, being a rhythm player, needs to keep playing. And, i personally think, the county circuit should help in keeping his engine tuned. It'll force him to improve his footwork, but again on the seaming pitches in Wales and the North, he may have starting problems, and this could scar his mind. Shesssh...this sure is a tough question...:-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 00:44  

  • Hey Prem!
    I smell a sense of favourism here for laxman! can I ask WHY ??
    Okay, no probs its ur blog, u can favour whoever u wish to :-)

    Starting with my point of view on laxman's place in ODIs!!
    Truly and madly I believe he has played enough ODI as per his capabilities, any more of those would be a bonus for him and a step back for indian cricket. I just cant remember any useful or above average ODI series laxman has had in past few years..oh yes there was this Australia Series where he score some 3 tons in a week..can u count more???
    The problem with him is he scores heavely in Domestic circuit and the day he comes back to international game he is back to below average player...and his fielding doesnt give him any credits as well...he is a sleep fielder and i dont know what he do sleep or what..he grass the simplest of catches...
    We cant afford to handle more white elephants..we have few in our team now, who are there because they have DONE it BEFORE!! and we HOPE that they WILL DO it few times more...

    So in my view, even if he plays counties or whatever level of cricket..he should start concentrating on Test matches..as there too his performace is deeping down very heavily...
    Anyways.....I guess things are clear on television for everybody to see.
    I shd stop writing, else prem will block me :-D

    By Anonymous abhay, at 04:15  

  • Hi! Prem:
    Good to see your Blog. Will read with all care.

    I read on IndianExpress site that it was Ganguly and not Laxman who has signed for Glamorgan!!

    In either (Laxmna or Ganguly)case, I think it is not really good for them. They are both not the greatest players in swinging conditions.

    Dada may get a poor series of scores and end up deeper in the mire!!!


    By Anonymous Ram Upadrasta, at 08:27  

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