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Friday, May 27, 2005

Mac the Mouth

If it's like this now, what do you suppose is going to happen closer to Ashes time? Glenn McGrath heard from, on the subject of Andrew Strauss -- who, just the other day, was being heard from on the subject of McGrath and his mates.
I find myself in equal parts amused, and perplexed, by the stream of comments the Aussies in particular launch just ahead of any major series.
(Amusement predominates when some of those comments come back to bite the person in the butt -- like Matty Hayden's remark ahead of India's last tour of Australia, that VVS Laxman would be a non-starter on the pacier, bouncier wickets of Australia; boy, Hayden at slip was in the best position to see how wrong he was, as Lax racked them up).
But what invariably stirs amusement is McGrath's patented ploy of picking out targets ahead of a series -- almost invariably, the opposition openers. I thought I was the only one who found it funny, till a player (who I'll keep nameless) once laughingly asked, "Arre, yaar, what's with this guy? He says he is going to target the openers -- hell, he is the opening bowler, of course he has to target the openers, who else is he going after, the tail? Iske liye ek press conference bulane ki kya zaroori thi?"
I mean, doh! As your side's premier strike bowler, stands to reason your primary target has to be the opposition openers -- do we really need a press statement to realize McGrath will be going after Andy Strauss?


  • But I think it used to be a good ploy when Waugh's men were building up the steam as the strongest team. It used to work when McGrath named the best player in opposition (not necessarily the best batsman, but the 'key' player). But yes, definitely overdone now :-)

    By Blogger worma, at 14:23  

  • What is wrong in this? He is an agressive bowler. Do you think it is challenge for McGrath to take Harbhajan's wicket? or for that matter Harmision? Should he go sbout talkign about that or saying that he will take Sachin or Lara out. WHen he says he is targetting them he means he wants them pack in the pavillion asap not after they score 100 -200 runs. He has lost the battle then!!
    It is a feature of top notch managers and executives too. Having a mission statement/goal for the next phase.
    Glen McGrath is the greatest fast bowler that most of us are seeing in out life times. Better than lille, holding, donald and waqar. I would say only other bowler that has been so effective was Marshall who bowled at a greater pace and was more effective - even on placid indian tracks...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15:01  

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