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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Make a date...

Can we go the whole hog, and hire the Australian Cricket Board to run Indian cricket as well?

If professionalism is what we seek in our coach, why not in the administration too?

Was just looking at Australia's cricket calendar -- dates, fixtures, venues, all locked, all the way through to February 2006.

And us? Do we know who we are playing, when, and where, in what remains of this year? Or who will telecast whatever matches we end up playing?

Then again, what's the rush? Time enough to decide on venues after the touring team lands -- we are like this only.


  • Hi Prem,

    I agree with you. Not only scheduling, but there is incompetence at every aspect of the functioning of the BCCI. Professionalism is an unheard of concept, and despite his ouster, JD has setup a distatorship kinda structure there.
    What the Indian board needs is something like a corporate structure, with a CEO and VP's and the stuff. A qualified and competent person should take the reins and he should make sure that he is accountable for everything the org does. The lower rungs could be cricketers, whose qualification should be that they care about betterment of cricket in India, not a few more moments of fame. The selection committee should change, from the present zonal representation, to a unit whose sole aim is to identify the best players who can represent the nation, not the best representative of a zone.

    I could go on and on... but then.. its not gonna change anything! :(

    By Blogger Avi, at 07:15  

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