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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

OD-ing on the Aussies...

For all those who argue that the Aussie domination is just a retirement or two away, here's a chance to see how the theory of the 'ageing Aussies' plays out in practise.
Check out the team's 2005-2006 calendar -- by my count, that is 17 Tests and 35 or more ODIs crammed into a 11-month span, including the defence of the Ashes, and the prestigious match-up against the Rest of the World in the Johnnie Walker Super Series.
Be interesting to see if a team of 30-somethings can last the pace, and the distance. With a calendar of this kind, you've got to budget for breakdowns -- and the key to Australia's continued dominance could well be how seamlessly they can absorb losses in personnel, and fill in the blanks with bench stock.
Mike Atherton, writing in the Telegraph, seems to be thinking of the future, too -- and his take is that the performance of Michael Clarke, the only player under 30 in the Ashes squad, holds the key to how long the Aussie domination will continue.


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