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Friday, May 27, 2005

Question time

See, guys, the thing is, I was going through comments posted below some of these entries -- strikes me, cricket is most fun when it is a conversation, not monologue.
Question is, short of cut-pasting each individual comment as a separate blog post, how do I create an area for debate and discussion?
Ideally, some field, or segregated area, where comments that I, or others, would like to respond to could be flagged, thrown up, and created into a little discussion thread of its own...
Any ideas how I can do that on here?
Off for a while -- back in oh, I would think an hour, hour and a half tops...


  • Prem check out this blog http://www.smartmobs.com/ In the right column you can see that they have provided RSS feed for their comment section. So you if subscribe to that through your RSS reader/aggregator you get the comments as a standalone feed. And each comment is linked to the title of the original post, so clicking on it leads to the original post. Note that the comments section is not a independently 'viewable' blog section, it can only be seen through the feed reader etc.

    Now big question is how they did it :-) I dont know, but I'm guessing they can do it since its their own website, not hosted on a blog service provider ? Maybe some techies at rediff can help you creat a separate feed for a combined comments section. And I dont think it can be done on blogger.

    Just some thoughts from what I know.

    By Blogger worma, at 18:59  

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