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Monday, May 30, 2005

The rain it raineth...

On the just, and on the unjust fella
But mostly on the just, because
The unjust steal's the just's umbrella.
That little bit of nonsense verse came to mind while reading Srinivas Bhogle's (you know of course that he is cricket commentator Harsha's brother?) take on the Duckworth-Lewis system as opposed to one proposed by V Jayadevan.
Jayadevan had first contacted us in late 2000; I have, he told us, a system to recalculate targets in rain-affected matches that is way ahead of the Duckworth-Lewis system.
He sent us the documentation; then, at his own personal expense, once came down to Mumbai to explain it all. And frankly, I -- never a fan of the D/L system -- found Jayadevan's method so much simpler and easy to follow.
Srinivas underlined it, when he did a meticulous comparison of the two systems.
Jayadevan at the time was doing the rounds of the cricket establishment, trying to get folks to listen. We did our bit, forwarding his method to administrators both in India and elsewhere; to players and commentators, for their information.
Since then, he has been lobbying assiduously with one end in mind -- a patient, unbiased hearing by the ICC. Pity is, he is yet to get it.


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