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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Retired, hurt

So Sachin's tennis elbow was serious enough to merit surgery -- and that puts him out of action for 16 weeks.
Interesting -- the injury must have been more severe than Sachin bargained for -- judging by the fact that he had committed for the Tsunami benefit game, among other things.
Equally interesting -- come July and the Sri Lankans, and Greg Chappell gets to make his first major call; to wit, the identity of Viru Sehwag's opening partner.
Can't be Ganguly, because he still has four games to go to serve out his ban -- and the ban, I suspect, will stay despite the BCCI huffing and puffing about legal opinions and whatever else. So, by default, MS Dhoni?
Sehwag and Dhoni going hell for leather at the top of the order is a guaranteed crowd-puller, but is the predominantly front-foot player up for the job? Watching him bat on slower pitches, where the ball didn't come on quite as much as such players like it to, I'm not convinced he is ready, yet, to make number 1 his permanent slot.
Look on the bright side, though -- if he clicks, that takes care of the opening, with either Viru or Dhoni almost guaranteed to give you a flyer. It also frees Sachin up to bat in the middle from where, with his newfound focus on accumulation, he is best fitted to guide the second half of a chase.


  • But do we really want our less than best cricketer to be at the top ? Shouldn't such a decision be made on better logic, like, say, who is likely to give good scores at a higher conversion rate at the top, maybe with high rate (note, another Sehwag not needed, even Sachin knows that). Maybe Mongia ? He briefly showed his comeback wasn't a token gesture for rewarding his decent county stint (and therefore praise in media).

    How Ganguly would have liked to be there now ! Get a good hit in first couple of games, and be back in the groove.

    By Blogger worma, at 11:50  

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