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Friday, May 20, 2005

Right man for Wright job

So the Indian team finally has a new coach -- and most significantly, the BCCI has avoided the September-to-September life-cycle John Wright had to suffer through, and given Greg Chappell the job all the way through to the 2007 World Cup. For which small mercy, the Board deserves some applause.
There's applause in plenty, I notice, on the Rediff message board on the topic -- mixed in with some lament on the lines of why did we have to go in for a firang coach (thank you, Jimmy Amarnath, for stirring that bit of muck up all the way through the selection process, and even after) and the occasional conspiracy theory to the effect that Chappell's appointment is a ploy by Jaggu Dalmiya to resurrect/prolong Saurav Ganguly's career.
Duh! Not to mention doh! If Dalmiya's top-of-the-mind priority is in fact to preserve Saurav's cricket career, he doesn't need to appoint a coach, firang or desi, to accomplish that end -- a simple phone call to the selection committee should be enough.


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