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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Saurav pips Laxman

So it is Saurav, not VVS, who finally made it to Glamorgan. Change the names around, same principle applies -- the best thing for the out of form 'Dada' is time spent in the middle, facing bowlers in a competitive situation.
True enough, as Ram comments, to my previous post, there is the risk that Saurav could end up continuing his bad vein of form, and end deeper in the mire. On balance, though, I think the risk is minimal.
Sure, there is pressure in the county circuit, more so when turning out for a team that is on the skids (Glamorgan after a bad start to the season is fighting to stave off relegation).
On the other hand, it is far less of a pressure cooker than turning out for India with millions following your every move, booing you as you walk out to bat and cheering as you get out.
Insulated from that pressure, Ganguly can actually work on his game, out there in the middle, and come back with regained touch, and confidence -- at least, that is what the script says.


  • Prem,

    My only hope and prayer is that Ganguly leaves his massive ego at Calcutta, itself.

    That would do him a whole world of good in remaining sharp and focussed. He also has the experience of how things went awry with his previous stints with Lancashire(?).

    I fervently hope and pray that he takes a couple of tips from Dravid as to how to conduct himself there, and most importantly, have "fun". Dravid has been the consummate county overseas professional, both on and off the field in his previous (two?) stints.

    I agree with your observations -- after leading India in today's day and age, playing for Glamorgan would be chicken you-know-what for Ganguly.

    We need his fire for WC '07. All the best to Saurav (and this is from a guy who is not a "fan" of his).


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13:00  

  • But Sriraj I dont think Ganguly's form (lack) has anything to do with his ego ? In fact, I would think that he did some rather unselfish moves to try and get his best for the team, none of which, unfortunately, worked out. At one point I had a feeling he was even contemplating opening in test matches as a last resort ! (He's tried too many last resorts :-) Prem any inside info on this one ?

    By Blogger worma, at 11:54  

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