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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Saurav the senior pro

Ravi Shastri, the only other Indian to have turned out for Glamorgan, on what Saurav needs to do when he makes his debut for the county side June 1.
The Telegraph -- always a good source for Saurav-related information, since he speaks more to the likes of Lokendra Pratap Sahi than to any other media outlet -- gives us the scoop, meanwhile, on the mini-controversy that was almost ignited, when BCCI president RS Mahindra said he was not aware Ganguly had signed on with Glamorgan.
Apparently when he got the call from Glamorgan, he immediately telephoned Jagmohan Dalmiya for advice; and was told to address a formal letter to the Board. 'There appears to have been a communication gap somewhere,' says Sahi.
Cool. Oh, by the way -- what is the phrase they use to describe the situation where Manmohan Singh is prime minister, and Sonia Gandhi is the power center? 'Extra-constitutional authority', is that the one?
Within the team -- and among sections of the media -- they have a snide way of referring to this connection. They call it the '033 factor' -- 033 being, as you recall, the STD code for Calcutta.
Tell you what -- for Ganguly's own sake, I hope he cuts this particular umbilical cord, and soon. My best guess is, when the BCCI elections roll around again in September, you will finally see the Dalmiya faction defeated, and Jaggu's clout within the board begin to ebb as a result. At which point, this '033 link' could well be a hindrance, not a help, for the Indian skipper.


  • Prem,

    I don't know on what basis you are opining that Jaggu Dada may finally get his butt kicked out.

    Could you justify your observation?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15:37  

  • Oh, by the way, talk of conflict of interests!! Chandi ganguly serving the Cricket Assn of Bengal, along with Jaggu for all those years!!

    And our captain goes directly to Jaggu. What about the president of the BCCI? Is he just a goddamn figureghead?

    This is not extra-constitutional, Prem this is freakin' anti-constituional. I hope Saurav will some day wean himself from Jaggu's nipple.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15:52  

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