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Thursday, May 26, 2005


So much for the 'nervous nineties'. Brian Lara, 90, facing Kaneria. Down the wicket to ball three, over mid off, six. Ball four -- encore. Two shots, job done, 29th Test ton under his belt (off an amazing 90 deliveries, while at the other end Chanderpaul has taken 72 to get 21) -- tell you what, when he is batting at his best, there is no batsman in world cricket I'd rather watch. Tell you what, too -- the way he has been racking up centuries since 2003, it could well be him, not Sachin, who ends up with the world record for most Test tons.
Of course, he is also apt to figure in the record books as the player who has been part of the most number of defeats -- but that is another story.


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