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Friday, May 20, 2005

Sound and fury

One of the first to weigh in on Chappell's appointment was Jimmy Amarnath, with a very gracious 'good luck' message -- which he then went on to spoil with a lot of Bollywood-inspired guff on the hum kissi se kum nahin lines. Now all we need is for Sunny Deol to make a movie on the subject.
Reactions, also, from the likes of Farokh Engineer and Greg Blewett, out of England -- and you can expect plenty more in the days ahead.
Chappell himself has been busily giving interviews -- and has already shown his penchant for the sound-byte, with his TV-friendly 'commitment to excellence 24x7' remark.
It's a theme he has elaborated on, in interviews to the likes of Lokendra Pratap Sahi in the Telegraph, and Anand Vasu on Cricinfo.
By all accounts, the man knows his stuff -- the real question is how much of his knowledge, he can translate into collective performance in the chaotic cauldron of Indian cricket, complete with ego-centric stars, interfering selectors, a dysfunctional board, hyperventilating media and extra-constitutional power centers... not to mention a billion fans who expect a miracle only every other minute.
Oh, and speaking of fans, here's a neat take by Mike Marquesee on the subject, against the canvas of the recent Indo-Pak series.


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