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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Spring cleaning

The BCCI has a schedules committee that does not decide schedules; it has a pitches committee that has no voice in pitch preparation; it has a cricket academy committee and a committee for grounds and a committee for domestic cricket and a planning committee and...
You get the idea?
The basic idea is to create posts for all those votes that are important to keep the honchos in power -- you vote for me, I'll find you a nice sinecure, important title, a chance to mint money by claiming one-day-before-one-day-after remuneration for pointless meetings...
England, you notice, is revamping its cricket structure -- and one of the key elements is slimming down the number of committees, and streamlining the management structure. No point even wishing we would take the first baby steps towards a professional administration, though -- the trouble with talking sense in this context is that where the BCCI is concerned, the classic definition of 'corporation' is doubly true -- it is a body with no heart to appeal to, and no butt to kick.


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