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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Storms and tea-cups

Harsha Bhogle weighs in on the controversy surrounding Saurav Ganguly's omission from the list of 30, from which a selection committee headed by Sunil Gavaskar will cherry pick an ODI squad to take on Australia in what is billed as the Johnnie Walker Super Series.

'Scuse me for asking, but whyfor the fuss? Surely no one who has watched the gent play over the past few months will argue a case for his being part of any world selection?

The BCCI meanwhile seems to want to prolong the debate about the skipper's six-match ban, and has sought legal opinion. On Rediff, Deepti Patwardhan did a man-size job deconstructing the laws regulating slow over rates and attendant punishments -- and had a bunch of emails flaming her for being not quite an 'Indian'.

Good for Deepti -- the flames only prove, at least to my mind, that she did what she became a journalist to do: to wit, write the facts, irrespective of whose cause they hurt, or help.


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