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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sunil Dutt RIP

The only time Sunil Dutt, in his role of Sports Minister, hit the headlines on the cricket pages was when he flew in the face of the government of which he was part, and declared that there was nothing wrong -- indeed, much right -- in cricketers sporting the tricolor on their helmets.
Despite having lived in Mumbai for 15-odd years and having, in that time, covered both politics and sports, I never did get to meet Dutt-saab.
And by the time he took over the sports portfolio, I was in NY -- so, unlike with predecessors like Dhindsa and Uma Bharti, I never had occasion to meet/interview him in that role, either.
No personal memories of the man, therefore -- but there is still a sense of loss, on reading of his death. After all, how many truly honest, upright politicos are there anyways, that we can afford to shrug off the loss of one such?


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