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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Tennis elbow update

Biomechanics expert Bruce Elliott believes Tendulkar's tennis elbow is not career threatening -- and that is good news.
Leads to this thought, though -- clearly, 16 years of top flight cricket, intensified both by the awesome weight of expectations, is clearly taking a toll on his body. Makes you wonder -- how much longer do we have of Sachin the cricketer?
Opinion seems to be he will be a key member of the 2007 World Cup squad -- funnily enough, though, for some time now I've had the feeling it won't happen. In fact, when doing a piece on Rediff on the stars who were playing their final Cups in South Africa, I mentioned Sachin as one of them -- and got trashed for it :-)


  • Prem,

    It is a testament to Sachin's patience and relatively low-key off-field demeanor that we have this treasure of ours for granted. I was unhappy to know that Sachin's problem was so serious that he had to have surgery. And we expected him to hit shots like Sehwag, Viv Richards, etc with a bruised tennis elbow, in the Pak series! We have to give him as time as possible to recover and not rush him to boost TV ratings, etc.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:15  

  • Prem, he will be around in 2007. Simple. And he will still be playing better than most. This is also a prediction, not just hope. From now on, we will see vintage Sachin less frequently, more during special occasions like the World Cup. He wasn't top notch before the 2003 WC either.

    And he will also hit a Lara-esque purple patch in tests again. I could see him furious trying to reach that zone in the Pak series. His body let him down, and may again in future. But still he would be there for some time again, as there seems to be the same resolve still going strong somewhere inside.

    By Blogger worma, at 11:40  

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