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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Throw out the bathwater...

Angus Fraser now joins the debate on whether, or no, Bangladesh should retain its Test status. Noticeably, everyone who weighs in on the topic follows a pattern: First, a compelling case why Test cricket should not be devalued by such meaningless 'contests'; then, the supporting argument in terms of stats; and then, just when you think the column is gearing up to turn its thumbs down, comes the but...
But Bangladesh has a huge cricket-mad population.... But Bangladeshis put butts in the seats (read, bring money into the coffers).....
Conclusion? None. We all agree Bangladesh should not be playing with the big boys, just yet -- but we won't do anything about it, except recycle the same arguments the day before the side's next Test series.
Come on, guys -- what's wrong with admitting that the current lineup of Test nations contains too many also rans?
What's wrong with listening to the players themselves, and splitting Test cricket into two tiers, with promotions and relegations giving an added edge to the game?
How much longer before the ICC accepts, and implements, the obvious, the logical, solution?


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