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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tomorrow's stars today

For those who follow such minutae, two detailed stories initiatives to mine British schools for promising young talent.
Speaking of which, if there was a BCCI-helmed initative to unearth talented youngsters from our school pool and fast track them with proper training, imagine what a powerhouse India could become?


  • Hmmm....i think the seeds for this entire exercise in British Schools was sown a few years back when the press and former players made a huge noise about how young talent doesn't come up in England, and is smothered under the 'apperenticehood' syndrome afflicting the English mindset. This was a few years back when there were loads of young players arising from the subcontinent, some without even a formal introduction through first class channels. You have had child-men such as Tendulkar, Hassan Raza, Mushtaq, Pathan, Parthiv,Afridi, and a few others in the recent past who were 'mined' from the common maidans across the subcontinent. So, I think there aleady exists a structure to identify such talent, even if it doesnt have an 'official' title to it. It's more Grapevine and Old Boy's network allied to the risk taking mentality of cultures where men mature early. Of course, the mind boggles at the idea of what could happen if we were to structure this in a better way than how it is, but i guess its easier to incubate ideas in smaller geo-physical zones.
    One for the road: India set up an organised fast bowler academy (MRF)to mine fast bowling talent and train it, but in the period that its bin around( and rendered yeoman service even), the pakistanis, with no structure, have thrown up thrice as many fast bowlers of international class.

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  • errr...in case ur wondering who wrote the comment above, and u'd like to disagree violently, u can pop across to my ryze page and post sum nice new gaalis:-)
    R.Rajesh, SportzUnlimited

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