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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Tough guys don't last

So the perception that it was not Jennings' coaching skills, but his abrasive man-management style, that earned him the sack is right after all?
At least, that is the logical assumption from the early noises his successor as South Africa's coach, Mickey Arthur, is making. 'I want my players to play with smiles on their faces,' he says.
Raises the question, just how tough can a coach be, in his drive to achieve excellence among his wards? Where is the line, and who draws it?
Anyone out there have any thoughts?


  • Yeah it is a difficult line to draw. Two football coaches that immediately come to mind- Pete Carroll of USC and Saban from LSU. Pete is from the 'having fun' school of thought and Saban from 'all work/no fun' type of mentality. They achieved the same results in 03 and then Pete went one further in 04. So I guess both work ..

    But to make a comment 'I want my players to play with smiles on their faces' and no emphasis on winning is a bit strange especially when these guys are paid to play.

    By Blogger Viks, at 11:50  

  • Viks,

    Saban does not have the kind of talent that Carroll has been blessed with. At this level, you're there to work hard and play hard. If you don't have "fun" doing what you do, you ain't go no business doing what you do.

    I'd any day go with a hard taskmaster like Saban/Jennings than some pussyfoot gentleman like, say, (with all due respect), John Wright.

    PP anna, any pearls from you?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:19  

  • Viks,

    What about one of the most successful coaches in college b'ball history -- yes, that very maniac of a coach named Bobby Knight!

    And, currently, the Atlanta Falcons have Jim Mora -- a coach who will not take cr*p from anyone -- a hard taskmaster and disciplinarian.

    If you really want to see successful coaches, what about one of the greatest of them all -- coach Bear Bryant of the great 'bama Crimson Tide -- you can't get a guy tougher than nails. I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND you watch the ESPN produced movie -- The Junction Boys -- with Tom Berenger acting as Coach Bryant, when he went to College Station to coach the Aggies.

    I enjoyed it a lot(I know, I digress).


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15:35  

  • I aint saying that having fun substitutes winning. The point I am trying to make is you can achieve the same results having fun. Having fun doesnt mean you arent working hard ..

    i read an interesting piece on Rediff by Gavaskar where he said players abused Wright. I dunno how much should be read into that. When you are playing a game with passion, things tend to get heated up. However if it was pure dissension, yeah, that might have been an issue.

    By Blogger Viks, at 08:02  

  • Viks,

    My whole argument is based on the fact as to what you mean by "fun" -- that is a very subjective and personal definition. My point is simple -- why does one assume that working hard is not "fun"? YOur point has that implicit assumption that I have an issue with. I'd have loved to play under a Coach Bryant. If all hearsay is accurate, then Greg Chapell is a hard taskmaster too. Reminds me of that old Hindi saying (pardon my HIndi, I'm from the South, South India i.e.) -- laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahin maantein.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08:43  

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