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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Whatever happened to singles?

Why, when a team is not at its best, does it tend to play the all or nothing game?
At the end of 49 overs, Windies 223/4. That score contains 21 fours and four sixes -- which makes you go, like, wow! But it also contains 227 dot balls, against just 38 singles.
It's probably the most noticeable differentiator between good teams and bad -- the good ones, even when the boundaries are flowing, rotate strike rapidly, use the single to disrupt bowlers' rhythms and add painless runs to the board; the bad ones either hit expansively, or defend.
There's two spinners out there in tandem -- seems to me, the best ploy for the Windies at this stage of the innings is to go for those singles, get the fielding side a bit confused about whether to stay back or come up, and take advantage of the inevitable mistakes to find the boundaries.


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