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Friday, May 27, 2005

Windies in full control

Great position to be in -- 13/0 in the second innings, a good 214 runs ahead, and the track still good to bat on.
I've noticed the odd ball keep low, though -- suspect, based on whatever I've seen, that the track could get harder for batsmen after another morning's baking tomorrow. Which puts Windies right in the driver's seat -- time is on their side, they have a huge platform to build on, they can take their time, pile up a lead of 450 (hell, why not 500?), then challenge a below-strength Pak side to try and save the game on a deteriorating pitch.
The fizz seems to have gone out of Pak in the field -- the usual ebullience is missing, and that could be the single biggest problem; if they give up the fight at this point, it's all over; the only real chance they have is to go hard at the Windies, try and bowl them out cheap.
On balance, though, this is now the Windies' game to lose.


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