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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Without comment

A story datelined London says Saurav Ganguly has told Glamorgan he is not required to attend any possible coaching camp the Indian team may hold in July.
I did say, right in the headline, I wasn't going to comment on this -- so I'll refrain from remarking that this is a touch strange. India has a new coach; the national team has an ODI tournament to play in July; said new coach will -- if he is halfway serious about his job -- want to spend time, in a coaching camp situation, with the team ahead of its first international engagement of the season; said coach would also, presumably, want inputs about the players from the team's captain -- who, apparently, has meanwhile decided he is not needed.
But hush -- no comments.


  • I would give some benefit of doubt to Ganguly. He, first of all, is quite desperate to regain his form before the next season starts. And however much priority he may give to building team, giving inputs to new coach etc, I think his batting his his foremost worry. Dont you think so ?

    Then there is this slight 'matter' of our own media pulling him down if he is there in the camp (and the dressing room) without being selected in the team (due to whatever reason, even an ICCI ban)

    By Blogger worma, at 10:06  

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