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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Yeh kya chukkar hai?

A report, on Fox Sports, on today's play at the Kensington Oval, between West Indies and Pakistan, contained this interesting line:
He completely dominated his stand with fellow left-hander Chanderpaul, after Shabbir, whose bowling action raised more than a few eyebrows, threatened to completely ruin the day for West Indies.

Unfortunately, didn't see much of Shabbir's bowling -- by the time I subscribed to Willow's feed, the spinners were on, it was late into the afternoon session, and from then till close of play, Shabbir bowled just about three, four overs. In those three overs, there was nothing to raise eyebrows about -- when time permits, tomorrow, must go back to the interactive scoreboard, watch his full stint, and see what this is all about.


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