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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

4-Venue Cup?

Sequel to earlier post (Cup of Joy). When The Telegraph speaks on issues that Jaggu Dalmiya is in the know of/spearheading, I tend to listen, because the paper has limitless access to the gent (Disclaimer: I don't, haven't had for a long time; Dalmiya is on record as saying Rediff criticises him way too much and therefore he is not interested in speaking to us). Says here, a joint bid is certain -- and considering this is Lokendra Sahi talking of something within Dalmiya's purview, you can take it as given that the 2011 WC will be hosted by India-Pakistan-Sri Lanka-Bangladesh. By way of aside, I plan on retiring from journalism in 2008, 2009 tops, and setting up a travel agency -- this Cup's going to be a goldmine.


  • Totally unrelated to your post....have u visited www.ecb.co.uk, English cricket's official website....if only BCCI would be as professional with a website of their own...sigh! if only dreams made the impossible possible!

    By Anonymous mohinder amarnath, at 16:59  

  • Is it that then the current BCCI chief Ranbir Singh Mahendra has started to assert himself?

    BCCI wants to bid independently for WC

    He says that we will bid for the WC independently and then does a flip flop to add that we might do it jointly with any asian cricket playing country.

    Now Prem you must have attended lots of BCCI press meets. I am sure they would be lot of fun or excrutiatingly infurating (depends on the way u take it) to see that the BCCI guys contradicting in a span of few minutes.

    This is what scared me the most in the article:

    Mahendra said one of the applicants for the coach, Mohinder Amarnath, "is one among those who had served the nation a lot. If need be, the BCCI may seek the services of Mohinder Amarnath in near future."

    By Blogger Blabber Guy, at 02:17  

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