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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


...to the previous post on Bajji and the doosra. On the matter of deception, Ravi Shastri -- who, when relaxing, can be a brilliant raconteur -- once told us this funny story about Sunil Gavaskar and Abdul Qadir.
Story goes, on a tour of Pakistan, Sunny was picking Qadir's wrong 'uns with unerring accuracy; each time Qadir tried the deception, Sunny would yell 'Googles' and run down the track and blast him to the boundary.
This went on for a bit, till Qadir went up to Sunny and said, 'Sunny-bhai, hit me if you must, lekin meri ijjat ka faluda kyon bana rahe ho? Kam se kam, at least don't keep yelling 'googles' each time I bowl one!'
And while in story-telling mode, the funniest I heard about Ravi Shastri himself relates to a Windies tour. Ravi had been hit in the box by a screamer from one of the quicks, and was lying on the ground, clutching the affected area, in obvious pain.
The Windies fielders clustered around him; the stretcher was being brought out; there was concern everywhere. And then Dessie Haynes knelt down, next to Ravi, and went, 'Hey, Ravi, how about giving me the phone number of the babe you were going to date tonight? You won't need it now!'
Ravi, the story goes, laughed so hard he forgot how hurt he was.


  • Prem,

    Sunny Gavaskar can be an extremely funny guy -- one has heard so many stories about him.

    Loved the Sunny-Qadir story -- very, very funny. For all the youn 'uns out there, Sunny Gavaskar did the best impression of Abdul Qadir's delievery action in the boring, drawn tests of the 80's.

    Anna, plz do regale us with these tidbits, from time to time.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:56  

  • shastri was the master at sledging.. the mike whitney sledging was a classic.

    By Blogger sachin, at 16:34  

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