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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Agenda for Chappell

Former colleague and friend Faisal Shariff heard from, in the Indian Express, on what confronts Greg Chappell as he readies to take up his coaching stint in India.
The current article is structured as a platform on which the paper will construct a four-part series that should be worth keeping an eye on. What interested me most in this first part is the reason Greg Chappell turned down an offer to coach the West Indies:
"Chappell says he declined the West Indies job because of their short-term approach to a long-term problem. His preference was for a system that was involved with the whole development process from U-17, U-19, first-class cricket and the ’A’ team through to the Test team. The WICB, apparently, weren’t interested."

If the corollary is that in India, Chappell hopes, as Faisal puts it, to focus on the national team but keep his "peripheral vision on the entire cricketing structure", that will be a first. John Wright had similar ambitions when he first took over -- to be able to devote time and energies to revamping Indian cricket from the ground up; he found though that moving the BCCI in any developmental direction was easier conceived, than done. Worth watching how Chappell -- who has a stronger, more influential voice than Wright -- does on this front.


  • good to see faisal alive n kicking! was wondering where he had disappeared post-rediff!
    speaking of sanjay jagdale, when he was first nominated to the selection committee in 2001(??), i was like oh another zonal dude nominated, and have maintained that opinion for a long while. but over the last year or so, it seems as if mr. jagdale has been one of the few selectors with a bit of 'vision' when it comes to the future of indian cricket!

    By Blogger Soultan of Swing, at 11:13  

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