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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Also noted...

...a good piece by Chloe Saltau in the Age, Melbourne, on Ponting the captain; the debate mostly centering on whether Ricky, whose penchant for gambling earned him the nickname Punter, carries that instinct onto the field of play.
Appropos, why do you suppose it is that India is yet to produce a decent female cricket writer? Way back in the early '90s, we found one. I was with Mid-Day, the Mumbai afternoon paper, at the time; this young girl was fresh out of college, and giving everyone a complex the way she wrote. Brilliant language skills, great insight, an ability to empathise, all fused into passion-pieces so good, we on the Mid-Day staff wouldn't wait to read it in the paper, but kept trying to sneak peaks at the galley as the page was being laid out.
She's still around, still good, though unfortunately not as visible as she should be -- no intention to run down the magazine, but India Today to my mind offers too little scope for someone with Sharda Ugra's ability.
We did try to recruit her for Rediff one time, but Sharda, after thinking long and hard, decided to stay put at IT -- a pity to my mind, because she would have honed Rediff's cutting edge considerably had she opted to join.
And elsewhere, another in the growing pile of pre-Ashes stories of what Glenn McGrath is going to do, to whom and when. What caught my eye, though, is a quote from Ponting, to the effect that he will discuss with his English counterpart the whole issue of taking the fielder's word over suspect catches.
What do you guys make of that whole thing? I donno -- to my mind, if I were a player or captain, I'd be loath to enter into any kind of blanket agreement of that sort. Reason being, the 'word of a fielder' is just not good enough for me.
Not suggesting that fielders will cheat, though it has been known to happen -- but the action is sometimes so quick, fielders grab the ball and believe they have caught it. When they give their word it is out, they probably believe it -- doesn't make it true, though.
For instance, I've seen at least one bump catch Jonty Rhodes, that fielder par excellence, claimed and was given when the Indians were touring. More to the point, you remember that memorable incident when Steve Waugh led his side to the Last Frontier -- and the entire Australian side gathered around yelling abuse at Rahul Dravid, insisting that he quit the crease though the umpire, and the third umpire, were both convinced the batsman was not out?


  • Prem,

    India Today may not provide her the "scope" but guess what, they may be providing her with the most moolah (maybe, just maybe).

    On Sharda -- I believe, when India toured Australia in 1991/92, Sharda was doing some analyis/commentary/reporting on the radio. I don't recollect if she was reporting for ABC radio or for our own AIR. That was also the same series in which Harsha Bhogle and Suresh Saraiya were doing the radio coverage. Maybe, it was for AIR but I remeber my elder brother at the time (who was a college level cricketer) mentioning Sharda's name and praising her a lot. So, whenever her name pops up, I remember her stint on radio.

    Any insights, anna?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:19  

  • Actually, Sri, I don't think money was the issue; it is not like Rediff was penny pinching and in any case, we hadn't gotten to discussing that aspect of the hire.
    We've known each other since she was a newbie in the newsroom, so when she said she'll take a pass, I let her be, didn't push for reasons and such. But yes, she is top quality.

    By Blogger Prem Panicker, at 21:16  

  • Prem,
    What about Tanya Aldred who writes on Cricket (sometimes) in UK Gaurdian ?
    - Gana

    By Blogger Gana, at 00:53  

  • Rediff's own Deepti Patwardhan is not bad and recently I have read a couple of statistical analyses by Bhavika Jhaveri on Cricinfo that were pretty good too.

    By Blogger Kaushik Bhattacharya, at 00:33  

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