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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Aus in trouble

Seems a slow news day -- was reading the comments appended below some of yesterday's posts; wanted to reply to a few, but for now, quite rivetted by action in the Aus v Somerset game where Graeme Smith is rocketing towards a century and Jayasuriya is moving up the gears as well.
Not sure Somerset can keep this up if one of these two players goes -- but it's value for money while it lasts. Anyone watching the game?
Will get to other news, and comments, a little later in the program -- for now, wanna keep an eye on this game.


  • Smith Got his 100. sanath is marching up to the century stand wow what a chasing1 but if one of them got out.. then the team will face a big ? mark.

    gnaguly glamorgan is doing fine with bat. thats really intresting. the openers got inspired by last weeks gaguly's performance!

    By Anonymous Joe, at 11:34  

  • Hmm..

    Interesting scenario - a South African and a Lankan tame the famed Aussie bowling attack in England!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:42  

  • The poms are going to win back the ashes and smash the aussies in the natwest trophy as well.

    Remember Prem how wrong you were in your predictions for the indian tour down under ;-)

    - Mr. V

    By Anonymous Mr. V, at 11:46  

  • santah got his hundred!

    less than 120 runs to win the match. 9 wickwts left AND 24 more overs

    By Anonymous Joe, at 11:55  

  • Jayasuriya has just completed his 100 off just 77 balls.. 9 fours and 3 sixes.. Just one wicket down.. Somerset's asking rate is just over 5.. their current rate is 8.47!!, this against a full-strength Aus team... though both the punishers are not Poms, this should give tremendous confidence to England that Aus can be beaten.. If Aus loses this game, two straight losses.. that too one to a county team.... Man.. is the wheel rotating?

    By Anonymous GP, at 11:56  

  • Suddenly I feel I am not the only Indian out there who has been predicting a very tough summer for the Aussies!

    By Anonymous Saurabh wahi, at 12:06  

  • the Aussies bowling figures read something straight out of a Twenty20 game:

    Kasprowicz 61 in 6 overs
    Watson 41 in 3 overs
    Lee 26 in 4 overs
    Hussey 23 in 3 overs
    Clarke 46 in 7 overs
    McGrath 47 in 9 overs

    Guess, even Bangladesh's confidence will be on a high...

    By Anonymous Saurabh wahi, at 12:14  

  • somerset need 89 of 97 balls with 8 wkts in hand..hmm.. i feel aussies might pull through this due to their experience

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:23  

  • Looking at the Somerset batting line-up, I guess you are right Anonymous.

    Lot will depend on Brett Lee. He is still capable of changing the the game in one over...

    By Anonymous Saurabh wahi, at 12:30  

  • Yes, I was right. I just noticed that somerset lost their 4th wicket.
    81 of 83 balls with 6 wkts in hand doesn't look too good. :)

    By Blogger Ridham, at 12:35  

  • Somerset losing wickets now, as expected when chasing a large total.

    Let's hope Blackwell delivers (for a change). James Hildreth (to follow) is a pretty good bat. But apart from that...

    By Anonymous Saurabh wahi, at 12:36  

  • I guess Ian Blackwell is the only hope left for Somerset.....As long as he's there it is still 50-50....

    By Anonymous jobless_cricket_fan, at 12:36  

  • Somerset 274/4 (38.1 ov)
    Blackwell holds key for Somerset win.lets see how he would tacle McGrath and Co.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:43  

  • Mcgrath is done with his quota of 10 overs...so thats one threat out of the way!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:46  

  • blackwell is also out of the way now :-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:47  

  • Somerset 310/6 needing 33 of 34 balls.

    Only yesterday, I posted saying that 50-over games are boring, espcially if the first team scores 300+.

    Time to eat my words...

    By Anonymous Saurabh wahi, at 13:09  

  • Looks like this one is going down to the wire!!...Messrs Hildreth and Gazzard putting up some fight

    By Anonymous jobless_cricket_fan, at 13:09  

  • Match real close now. Somerset need 28 in 30 balls with four wickets remaining. This match was a no contest if Jayasurya and Smith didn't give Somerset the rollicking start. Just hope that Somerset tailenders keep their head and Aus loses again. I like when they lose :)

    By Blogger Rahul Kulkarni, at 13:12  

  • 22 of 27 balls...

    By Anonymous Saurabh wahi, at 13:13  

  • I like only when india beat ausies....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13:15  

  • McGrath already bowled his 10 overs so he won't be a factor in this match anymore. Wonder why Lee has only bowled 4 overs?? He might have given away 26 runs off 4 overs but that was at very beginning with Smith and Jayasurya going berserk.

    By Blogger Rahul Kulkarni, at 13:17  

  • yipee...aussies lost :))

    By Blogger Ridham, at 13:19  

  • Ausies will bounce back...they are very tough side....lets wait for real war in tri-series

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13:24  

  • Somerset won by 4 wickets in 46.5 overs. Big blow to Aussies. Ponting said after the 20:20 bashing on monday that he wil have no excuses when the Somerset match takes place. 20:20 match would have been a bit of fun for Aussies but losing to Somerset is really going to hurt them. England will feel even more confident of beating Aussies in Natwest series and possibly even in the Ashes. True that Jayasurya and Smith have been huge factor in Somerset's win but England too have big hitters like Smith and Jayasurya in Pietersen, Flintoff, and Trescothick. I won't be surprised if the bets are same for England and Australia when they meet in Natwest Series.

    By Blogger Rahul Kulkarni, at 13:24  

  • For the record, Somerset is 6th in the Second divison of the National Cricket League (i.e. 14th out of 18 teams in the English County).

    This will hurt a lot of Aussie pride and confidence but let's hope they bounce back. After all, we are all looking forward to an exciting summer, arn't we?

    By Anonymous Saurabh wahi, at 13:38  

  • How is this for a thought? MAybe we overestimated the Aussies!! especially their bowling strength!!NO Warne, old Mcgrath, erratic Lee and ever on the bring Kasper. NOt very fierce is it?
    NOTE - Iknow Warney is out for only the One-dayers, so thats what I am talking about!!!!

    By Blogger KB, at 13:41  

  • Either thatm or a lot of people have underestimated how far English cricket has come in the last few years.

    Agreed the bulk of the runs were scored by Jayasuria and Smith, but it was two young unknown English players (JC Hildreth and CM Gazzard) who kept their cool in the end....

    By Anonymous Saurabh wahi, at 13:46  

  • Surabh - Jaisurya and Smith dont play for England ;)

    By Anonymous SP, at 14:02  

  • SP Please read what Saurabh said before commenting

    By Anonymous Sri, at 14:05  

  • WOW. What does Bunting say to that now?

    By Blogger Dhruv Deepak, at 14:07  

  • Lee bowled just 4 ours becuase of shoulder injury.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14:13  

  • >>SP Please read what Saurabh said before commenting <<

    Sri, I know what Saurabh said and I was just wondering about the relevance of that comment to this match. Yes England have improved, so ? How does that relate to this match between Somerset and Australia where not a single England natioanl team player is part of ?

    Anyways, If you really think of this as any indication then here are a few things you should think about and and then reply :-

    1. Both Ponting and Hayden retired to give other players a chance.

    2. Australia still reached 340+

    3. Gillespie and Warne (the nmesis of English batsmen) didn't play in this game

    4. Mcgrath still ended up with 2/49 in 10.

    5. Lee bowled with Sore shoulder

    Only thing Australia need to worry about is Kaspa's 89 runs in 8 overs and let me tell you this Kaspa is too good of a bowler to do that in a series. I would still take Kaspa over all the English bowlers.

    By Anonymous SP, at 14:28  

  • Remember when Australia came to India in 1998, people said that Australia are too good for India. But their first match against Mumbai (Sachin scored 200) was over in three days. What followed was complete decimation od Aussies with Warne getting nightmares after the tour.

    This may very well happen to Australia again or I just wish it happens to them. I have had enough of Australian dominance in cricket now.

    By Blogger Rahul Kulkarni, at 14:56  

  • Ah well,
    Here is an idea. Maybe we should do a poll on who wins the series or how close the series might be. I also wonder how many will change their opinions after the oneday series!!!
    Fickle is the mind of humans, especially towards money, women and cricket

    PS: I dont know who said that, but it wasnt me!!!

    By Blogger KB, at 15:13  

  • >>>Remember when Australia came to India in 1998, people said that Australia are too good for India. But their first match against Mumbai (Sachin scored 200) was over in three days. What followed was complete decimation od Aussies with Warne getting nightmares after the tour. <<<

    Rahul, Honestly you really think that the aussie attack(or batting) in 1998 was as good as the present Aussie team ? Not to forget the great Indian batting line up with Sachin at his best. India had agreat player of Spin called Sidhu, Sachin at the peak of his career, Azhar, Ganguly at his best, Dravid, Laxman. Common now. Please tell me one English batsmen with the exception of Thorpe who can bat like any of the Indian batsmen of 1998 team. That Aussie team was traveling with only two bowlers Warne and Kaspa. Yet they managed to win one test in chennai. No comparison mate, No comparison at all.

    By Anonymous SP, at 16:58  

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