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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Back in time...

...to watch the end-game at Bristol, where the game seems to be nicely balanced just now.
Also gives me some time, before I have to go out again, to browse for stories of interest -- you should start seeing the results on here soon-ish.
Meanwhile, found this query in the Open Forum post, from PK:
I know you are busy with your conference and stuff but I thought B'desh's win over the Aussies was big enough to devot some of your time and thoughts to it. Should this win lay to rest all the talk about the test playing status of B'desh?

Actually, no -- I never did think form/results in one version of the game is an indicator of the other. To cite an off the top instance, India is at this point what, number 7 or 8 in ODIs? But in the long-form version, we are up there at three, behind only Australia and England (and even that has to be viewed in context of the fact that we haven't played England in a while).
Even without going into examples, it stands to reason that in the shorter form of the game, a small factor can have a much bigger impact than it would in the longer form: A Ricky Ponting, say, misreading the pitch and batting first in bowling conditions is one key factor for the Aussie loss, but in a Test match, the batsmen who came in after the early wickets have the time to dig down deep, settle in, and build innings.
The two forms are so different in what they require of a team, that I wouldn't use the one as a litmus test for your fitness for the other.


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